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Seaweed for Your Dog?

Posted on November 12, 2013

Depleted agricultural soils mean essential micronutrients are often missing in even the finest dog foods. SOURCE Micronutrients of Connecticut, USA recognized this problem and developed a premium line of all-natural micronutrients, concentrated from nutrient-rich ocean seaweed.

SOURCE Plus! for Dogs offers unique micronutrients to help dogs who suffer from problems with skin, coat, allergies, digestion, breeding or growth. SOURCE Plus! for Dogs also provides potent levels of brewers yeast and garlic, live yeast cultures, essential vitamin E and natural chelated zinc. No preservatives, artificial colorings, or flavoring.

Help young dogs grow strong and healthy and mature dogs feel their best!

Available in the UK & Europe exclusively through WishBox.

As featured in Dogs Monthly, December 2013:

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