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This Ones for the Guys...

Posted on December 05, 2013

Gift giving seems so easy sometimes....until you have to shop for him. The man in your life who has everything he needs. He doesn’t pine after clothes in a store window, and usually just buys what he needs as it arises, so you’re left wondering what you can get him to unwrap on Christmas morning. But, the age old problem of getting something for the man who wants for nothing is alleviated a bit with this list. Our creative products aren’t just another patterned tie or tool kit, they’re things he’ll use and enjoy that he may not even know he wanted.


1. The Man Can

An appropriate product to top our manly gift list is "The Man Can" from Plum Island Soap Company. This converted paint pail comes fully stocked with: a bar of licorice soap, shave gel, bay rum oil, Fisherman’s hand butter, a loofah mitt, and a can/bottle opener for the can or a beer alternatively. All of these products were handpicked to leave a fresh and masculine smell, and come in a super portable carrying can that can be used for garage organization or other storage after it’s unpacked. Perfect for a husband, a boyfriend, a son just off to school or living on his own, or whomever is in need of a little freshness. 


2. Brackish Bow-Tie

We’re willing to put some money on the man who has everything definitely not having one of these Brackish bow-ties. Each bow-tie is extremely unique and has been handmade from various species of feathers to create a statement outfit in the time it takes to hook it on. This look puts a twist on timeless, easily draws attention, and sparks conversation, which will inevitably lead to the praise of the awesome person who bought it for them. *Wink*
3. Arcanum Jeans

Now if there's a man in your life who’s more about utility than making a statement, you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of blue jeans. These jeans from Arcanum are the first ever to come with a tracking number to let you see where the cotton in the jeans was grown. But most importantly, they’re comfortable and durable, to keep him looking as good as he is working hard.

4. Lap Log

This cool invention from Bamboosa is a great gift for the electronics lover. If he has a tablet that he loves to surf the web on, no doubt he has it resting on his lap where he has to crane his neck and strain his eyes. This log hold the ipad steady and can be placed on the lap for a higher platform, or anywhere else to be propped up at eye level. This makes tapping away on the couch or in bed much more comfortable and easier on his neck and back. 


5. Go Plates

For that guy who loves tailgating, or having people over for food and drink, the Go Plate is the go to gift. While you may have never gifted disposable plates before, we promise that these aren’t your mother’s plastic plates. Men typically admire utility over style, but The Go Plate is ingeniously designed to fit over any cup, glass or longneck bottle, and has deep compartments to store food without it spilling; so it easily has both! If it is for football or game night, there’s a place to put his food and eat and drink and be merry!

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