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Ingenious Grilling

Posted on January 02, 2014

Our site is filled with a lot of different items. We have a little of this, a little of that, but what we have a LOT of is American grilling accessories. We have sauces, marinades, rubs and dips; but what really sets us apart are the tools we have to upgrade the entire grilling process. Attachments to the grill or tools used with it, we bring to you some new ways to do what you love to do.


1) GrillGrates

For the kind of grill marks you've only seen in your dreams...

  While most drop on top grill attachments are designed for fragile things like fish or veggies the GrillGrate isn't so delicate. This grate is designed for all types of meat! It's raised design heats meat evenly as the grate warms up, and the perforated bottom allows juices to fall to the fire without causing flare ups that may char your meat. 

  To see it in action check out the video in the hyperlink above, the creators show just how ingenious it is with infrared cameras. 


2) BBQ Guru Party Q

 For freedom from your temperamental temperature...

 In the famous Infomercial words..."Set it and forget it!" The party Q attachment gives you some freedom while you grill by maintaining whatever temperature you set. The Party Q uses a fan to stoke the flames when needed or just lets them burn. Each time you use it it gets a little more acclimated to your grill so one day you'll have the perfect grilling partner, just hope it doesn't go all I Robot on you and take over the house. 


3) Smokenator 1000

 For a new grill without buying a whole new grill...

  While most grillers would probably say you grill with charcoal for the smoky flavor, they haven't seen the Smokenator 1000. This attachment converts your regular kettle grill into a professional smoker using charcoal for that same smoky flavor, but heating water with it to keep your meat juicy throughout the cook. 

  In the new year you may have resolved to quit some bad habits like tobacco use, so why not try something new like smoking! We mean the meat of course...

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