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What Everyone is Buzzing About...

Posted on January 06, 2014

   With health and beauty there's always a lot of buzz, and new products promising to do a lot for you...but maybe what really works isn't new but a new spin on the tried and true. 

   For example: beeswax and royal jelly beauty products made all naturally by the Savannah Bee Company in Savannah Georgia (click the link to learn more about their company). Stylish new beauty products that simply expanded on the healthy nature of the beehive.

   The beauty benefits of the hive mainly come from two ingredients: beeswax, and royal jelly (the stuff the queen bee herself feeds off of to stay strong).

   Ever wonder where the phrase "mind your own beeswax" came from? Some say it came from the colonial period when women would use it to cover up pock marks from younger years. Sit too close to the fire though and it would drip and look unseemly, so to get rid of the gawkers, the phrase was born!

   Today there are more subtle ways to use beeswax to improve complexion, like Royal Jelly Body Butter (pictured below), but it's been used for hundreds of years in some form or another. 

   Our products from Savannah Bee Co. are meant to keep your skin supple by smoothing the texture of it and strong by improving its elasticity, since it is your body's first line of defense. They're also meant to make you glow, like with their  lip gloss and tinted lip balm in flavors like tupelo honey, and mint blossom.


  If beauty really is skin deep, then why not make your skin beautiful without all the hype of new beauty products full of things you can't pronounce?

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