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The Carryall You Actually Want to Be Seen In

Posted on January 27, 2014

There's no denying the convenience of a fanny pack. Whether exercising, traveling, or going about town it's an easy way to be hands free and have your amenities accessible. But there has to be some solution to the aesthetics of it.

designers have tried to make it work, but it ends up visually cutting the body in half.


even Leo DiCaprio couldn't pull it off!


So one woman decided to solve the carryall conundrum, and invent Quivvers!

Inspired by a quiver of arrows, the Quivver slings across the body to maximize movement, and carry what you need. 

Amy Barnum, created these for easy storage of the necessities: phone, money or ID, and she didn't slouch on style. They're water resistant and have pockets on both sides, for whatever print best suits you that day.


Quivvers are also connected with an "S-biner" to easily hook on more gear - keys, camera, water, bag or whatever else you need to keep close. Check out our video review below.


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