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Noelle Munoz: Jewelry With Heart

Posted on January 30, 2014

Noelle Munoz is a young jewelry designer in Charlotte North Carolina. Her motto is “Live what you love.  Wear what you love.” and her work exemplifies this by often putting her heart on her sleeve.


Browsing Noelle’s website and jewelry descriptions feels a bit like chatting with her over coffee. All of her pieces were inspired by some event in her life, and all of them are meant to serve a purpose. Not just to accessorize, but to complement the person who wears them, to show a little bit about their personality through the medium of precious metals.



Pictured above from left to right: Leaf (sterling silver), Durango (14k gold fill), Bali Hai Mini (14k gold filled)


Noelle went to school for jewelry and furniture design and even won awards for some of her pieces. The timelessness of her jewelry allows those pieces to remain in her ever expanding collection rather than having trendy pieces that rotate with the styles of the season.


Each Noelle Munoz piece is made by hand so will slightly differ from the pictures, but each one is guaranteed the highest quality jewelry. The kind of jewelry you could give to someone who you think is just as timeless on Valentine's Day.



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