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Folbot: The Convertible Kayak

Posted on February 18, 2014

Folbot folding kayaks are unique because:

-They take up 75% less storage space than a typical kayak

-require no roof-rack

-easily assemble

-are made of a soft shell

but most importantly, there aren't any tradeoffs to owning a Folbot kayak rather than a hardshell boat!  

"A Folbot life is where you can be spontaneous, adventurous, or just simply more active.

Some History...

Folbot was created in 1933 by British national Jack Kissner. The boat quickly surpassed other prototypes of folding boats and even became the first to circumnavigate the UK.

-In 1935 Kissner moved the company to NYC then in 1953 to Charleston South Carolina, where it remains today. 

-In 1983 the company was bought by Phil Cotton and his partners, and they changed the make-up from wood to aluminum and composite materials.


       An older wooden model          Today's model of aluminum and polycarbonate

 In 2004 the Cooper was created, and has rapidly become Folbot's most popular boat. 

With 10 boats in their line-up, Folbot continues to lead the way in versatility and adventure for kayaking and outdoor sport. These boats are the answer to adventurers with smaller vehicles and less desire to lug a boat long distances. With more than 80 years of experience, Folbot remains the new way to boat! 

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