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Bamboo and You

Posted on February 25, 2014

Bamboo. The word might be conjuring up some thoughts of Chinese wilderness or a cutting board in your kitchen. The reality is it's one of nature's most versatile plants reaching maturity in 4 years, naturally regenerating and has over 1000 uses from baby blankets to bullet proof vests.

Some species of bamboo (when rendered into a fiber) even have the tensile strength of steel. More than 2.5 billion people rely on bamboo as a natural resource, like our supplier, Bamboosa


Bamboosa is the brainchild of three ex-textile industry pros who wanted to mix organic and sustainable into a USA made brand. The final product was baby blankets and towels soft enough for the newest skin free of all bleaches and pesticides from the field to the factory.

The benefits of the organic bamboo and cotton blend are: they're naturally water resistant, thermally regulated for hot in the winter cool in the summer, and ultra soft.

this means parents get to feel as safe about using the baby blankets as he looks swaddled in it.  


Bamboosa also makes products for the home like their tablet accessory, the Lap log. Made from all bamboo and organic materials this stand makes it easy to watch things on your ipad any and everywhere.   


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