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Beautiful, Natural, Mud

Posted on March 17, 2014

Alaska Glacial Mud Co. is a beauty company from Cordova Alaska. The city of Cordova is on an island and can only be reached by boat or plane and is "surrounded by mountains, glaciers, wetlands, ocean and wilderness". 

Company founder Lauren found her way to Cordova through post graduate studies and quickly saw the beauty potential in the environment. The water was especially untouched by pollutants so the mud left on the banks is full of botanicals to soften and nourish the skin. 

Cordova, also known as "Alaska's Hidden Treasure"


The mineral rich mud is deposited at a rate of 60-100 million tons annually in the Copper River Delta  by slow moving glaciers that have ground entire mountains into a pure mineral powder. 

The simplicity in the recipe matches the simplicity in the process of using Alaska Glacial Mud. So this blogger took it upon herself to do something good for her skin after a weekend of being out in the sun celebrating Saint Patrick's Day....

 I tried Lavender-Peppermint (which we offer on our site)


Step 1. Apply mud in a thin layer and let dry

Step 2. Rinse it off

It's that easy!


                  make-up free (before)                  and the surprisingly fun to feel mud


       In the process of it drying                                   And my post mud glow


the mud was surprisingly light, as soon as I applied it I felt a cool tingling throughout my face (the good kind of tingling that is). It only took ten minutes to dry and didn't leave anything behind in my sink after I rinsed. I have to say it felt good cleansing my pores after all the green beer I had consumed. 

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