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Real All American: The Blue Jean

Posted on March 20, 2014

Not much says American like a nice pair of denim blue jeans.  since we're one of the few countries with an abundance of cotton in some countries our blue jeans are traded like currency. There are some posers out there (jeggings anyone?) but we feel it's necessary to get the real authentic thing. 

Arcanum Jeans understand that need, and are so dedicated to the real and authentic that their jeans come with a tracking number that can be entered online to find the very cotton field your jeans started in. (pictured below)

Our very own WishboxUSA CEO Jerry Smith owns a pair and wears them to work with unwavering frequency (don't picture it as casual though, the man always looks debonaire). When I asked him about why they're his favorite he said,

"They look consistently denim, not worn like most jeans. The fabric itself is substantial and high quality. It was fun to trace [the jeans to the field] and know where the actual cotton originated. Mine came from a farm out west, it was reassuring to know it was made in the USA from the very start." Jerry also loves how the jeans have a pocket for his phone (pictured above)


Like everything at Wishbox (even the staff), Arcanum Jeans are 100% made in the USA. So for a great pair of American Blue Jeans, try Arcanum.



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