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Foot Comfort & Kentwool

Posted on March 25, 2014

If you've read any of the product descriptions we have on our Kentwool socks, you may have wondering how a sock could be that much better than any other sock. I wondered this as well...

So i grabbed a pair of the Women's Tour Profile golf socks and laced up my running shoes. Let not the fact that I own running shoes fool you, I actually loathe running. But I do listen to all the doctors who say it's good for you and keeps you skinny, so I run despite the hatred.

And I have to admit, I hated the run a little less in these socks! I usually talk myself into slowing to a walk somewhere around 2k, but this time I didn't have any pain in my feet to justify it so I pressed on. Since I run rather sporadically (in lieu of other exercises) my feet usually feel like I ran the next morning, but no pain there either!


These socks are marketed as golf socks because they're comfortable for walking all 18 holes, but they can work for any sport where you're on your feet, or even as casual socks. 

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