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Paw Paws, For a More Dapper Dog

Posted on April 01, 2014

Paw Paws is a company in Greenville S.C. that "designs and produces the most artistic, expressive line of nylon ribbon collars, leashes and harnesses in the pet Industry." Each one of their collars and leashes is handcrafted in South Carolina, and since the company's inception in 2003 it reached pet boutiques around the country.

Now it's being offered in Europe as the cutest way to keep your dog under control! With four patterns of leashes and collars in each style you can make a set or mix and match. 

This stylish pooch is sporting the Chocolate Snow Cone style dog collar



The designs are all done by creator Ann Nutter (pictured above) and are meant to reflect both you and your dog's personalities.

These leashes look adorable but more than that are made from high quality materials to withstand every wear and tear outside of being chewed by its owner (we mean the dog of course). So if you don't have a dog that can easily be wrangled into wearing a cute sweater or hat, maybe just a stylish dog leash will help express their style and endear them to their owner once again.   

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