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Because Cats Love Boxes

Posted on March 24, 2016

The makers of Catty Stacks were realizing that their cats liked the boxes their toys came in more than their actual toys. Instead of trying to fight it, they set out to build a better box! The modular boxes are made from eco-friendly industrial strength corrugated Ultra-board, so they can withstand even the most adventurous cats and small animals. You can stack the different colored boxes in any shape, giving you and your cat endless possibilities. 

For the best experience with Catty Stacks, try these tips and tricks:

  • Fold hook shaped tabs INSIDE the boxes. 
  • Stack panels with the hole near the folded edge on the TOP or BOTTOM. These are climbing holes.
  • Stack panels with the hole in the center on the SIDES.

  • Use all of the clips.
  • Place old T-shirts inside the boxes.
  • Place catnip and toys inside the boxes.
  • Use a box knife to cut along the perforations to make larger holes for larger pets.
  • Occasionally rearrange or relocate your Catty Stacks. 

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