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When comfort meets tail-wagging worthy design

Posted on March 29, 2016

So many pet products currently on the market are functional, but they start to overshadow the refined aesthetics you strive to achieve in your home. The husband and wife team at Peach Pet Provisions found themselves facing the same challenge, so they decided to turn their home into an imaginarium for design-conscious pet comfort and entertainment. The Barbushes have taken functional pet furniture and toys and have turned them into beautiful accent pieces for your home. 

The Peach Pet Lounger is a modern hammock-style bed designed for cats and small dogs. This sleek bed is easy to assemble and machine washable.

The Union Jack Pet Pillow is the perfect way to show off your nationalism in your home. The 100% cotton cover is machine washable and filled with an eco-friendly fiberfil. Ease, comfort, and quality never have to be sacrificed for a good looking dog bed. 

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