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Let Your Dog Enjoy The Ride

Posted on April 14, 2016


Snoozer Pet Products are leaders in high-quality, innovative dog products. You may have already fallen in love with the Cozy Cave, but Snoozer has another great product on the market - the Luxury Lookout Dog Car Seat. The Luxury Lookout makes the experience of riding in the car so much more comfortable for your dog. Who said comfort needs stay in the home? 

Featuring a raised design and a microsuede pillow top, your dog will never have to sacrifice comfort or safety to look out of the window again. The Lookout attaches to the car seat and features a connection strap for the seatbelt to join the harness, ensuring safety for both you and your dog. You no longer have to worry about your furry friend jumping up front and distracting you while you're driving! 

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