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Life is a beautiful ride

Posted on April 18, 2016

Life is a beautiful ride, but it could be better. We have compiled all of our favorite bicycle products that will make your ride a little more enjoyable and safer!

The Koala Bottle sits at the top of our list. This magnetic water bottle system allows you easily snap your water in and out of the holster so you can enjoy worry-free riding on any terrain. 

We've got your bum covered with CitySeat. Designed to fit CitiBikes and spin bikes, this genius reusable seat cover offers unrivaled protection against the elements. Ride in style and keep your bum dry and clean.


The guys at Green Guru know all about upcycling. They have made it their mission to reduce waste by upcycling and recycling unwanted adventure gear into new, high quality equipment. Our favorite products are the Bike Tube Shifter Saddle Bag, The Cruiser Cooler Handle Bar Bag, and The Dutchy Pannier.

We will wrap this up on a lighter note (pun intended). MonkeyLetric is the world leader in bicycle wheel lights. Their products are the brightest and most durable on the market, so you can be seen from all angles. Each model includes colors and theme choices for everyone - making safety more fun than ever!


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