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Barbecue Gifts

Posted on November 07, 2014

Do you have a grill master in your life? Get him (or her) exactly what he wants for Christmas: American Barbecue products! We have complied a list of some of our favorite Barbecue products to help make holiday shopping easier this year. 

GrillGrates Infrared Raised-Rail Grilling Surface take grilling to the next level. The raised rail design prevent flare ups, leaves perfect sear marks, and simply grills food better. GrillGrates are available in four sizes to work with any type of grill, making them perfect for any Grill Masters you know!

If you feel like you enter Barbecue Heaven time you visit your friend's or family member's kitchen? You need to get them the BBQ Heaven Print from Booth Framing Arts. This paper print is framed in black satin recycled mdf moulding, real glass and saw tooth hanger. 

The Smokenator 1000 - Kettle Grill to Smoker Conversion Kit makes the perfect gift for someone that wants a smoker, but has a Weber. It is the most effective Weber accessory on the market that turns a Weber into an incredible meat smoker, giving you control of moisture and temperature. Smokenator frees up space, delivers true indirect cooking and will hold enough fuel for six hours.

If you're tired of cleaning up a mess after your Grill master injects meat, this next gift is just as much for you as it is for them. Chop's Power Injector System takes the hassle and mess out of injecting your favorite meat. The secret is in the patent-pending injector head and its 4 needles. It delivers accurate and consistent injections under pressure, quickly and cleanly.

Our other favorite Barbecue Gifts are:

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