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California Profile

Posted on November 24, 2014

Oh California,

We thank you for bringing us Etch-it Cups, Skallops, Smokenator, and Health Pro Nutrition.

Etch-it Inc. has been making our parties easier and more fun by providing us simple way to keep track of our drinks. All you have to do is peel back the label and etch your name into the side of the cup! 

Skallops provide toys perfect for our little thinkers and imagineers. The simplicity of the Skallops allows kids to envision what could be without being boxed in, allowing them to get creative with just a handful of specially crafted wood chips. Genious! 


Thank you, California, for the Smokenatorthe most effective Weber accessory on the market to turn Weber Grills into incredible meat smokers. You have forever changed the way we barbecue. 

And finally, thank you for Health Pro Nutrition. They have given us Dispoz-A-Scoops, a way to clean up after our pets that eliminates possible bacteria contamination and the dreaded warm squishiness. For that, we thank you. 


Here are some quick facts about the great state of California:

  • Date of Statehood: September 9, 1850
  • Capital: Sacramento
  • State Nickname: Golden State
  • State Flower: Golden Poppy
  • State Bird: California Valley Quail
  • Famous For: National Parks, Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood Movie Industry, Mountains, Beaches
  • California's Mount Whitney measures as the highest peak in the lower 48 states

Use the code CALI5 to get an exclusive 5% off all products from California! 


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