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Colorado Profile

Posted on December 15, 2014

The state of Colorado is best known for its exhilarating skiing and magnificent mountains. At WishBox, we know it as the state that brought us Green Guru Gear. The company was founded by passionate adventurers that saw the lifestyle we lead generates considerable amounts of gear waste and they wanted do something about it. They began building gear using high quality new and up cycled materials and they do so in a sustainable manner. 

3 of their most popular products are now available on WishBox. The Bike Tube Shifter Saddle Bag converts cycling’s tube waste into an under seat bag designed to hold a tube, tool kit, and pump. Secured with a wrap around strap, this bag offers a stable storage solution for any bicycle. The Cruiser Cooler Handlebar Bag is the missing glove compartment for your cruiser or commuter bicycle. Made with upcycled bicycle Inner Tubes, 100% recycled PETE fabrics, and upcycled insulated mylar, you will discover new uses for this insulated bag. The Dutchy Pannier is made from billboards and and banners from all over the US and serves as an easy access "trunk" for your bicycle. When you reach your destination, the bags can be removed and used as totes to transport your belongings with a haul handle or a shoulder strap.

Here are some quick facts about Colorado: 

  • Colorado has the highest mean elevation of any state
  • Capital City: Denver
  • Nickname: Centennial State
  • Motto: Nil Sine Numine (Nothing without Providence)
  • Statehood: August 1, 1876 (38th)
  • Origin of State's Name: From the Spanish for the color red, which was applied to the Colorado River.
  • Land Area: 103,730 sq. mi.; 8th largest
  • State Bird: Lark Bunting
  • State Flower: Rocky Mountain Columbine
  • State Tree: Colorado Blue Spruce  

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