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Three Must Have BBQ Accessories

Posted on May 24, 2016

With summer right around the corner, it is time to dust off the old BBQ! And when it comes to BBQ, smoking is one of the methods. Whether you are just starting out or and BBQ master, we have something for you!


Mo's Smoking Pouch lets you add some smoke to your BBQ with a small investment. It's easy to use -- just add wood chips and toss onto your existing grill! 

Mo's Smoking Pouch


The Slow 'n Sear from Adrenaline Barbecue Co. is one of the hottest selling barbecue accessories on the market right now. It lets you convert your existing kettle grill into a smoker, so it's great for those ready for some serious smoking who don't want to shell out the mega bucks.

Slow 'n Sear


If you're really ready to up your game, you need to check out the BBQ Guru PartyQ Temperature Controller. It lets you program the temperature of your grill and automatically adjusts the built-in fan to set and maintain your desired temperature.

BBQ Guru PartyQ

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