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Summer is Here! A How-to on Kicking it off the Right Way!

Posted on May 22, 2015

Get ready to fire up the grill and pull out your patio set, it’s summer time!  We know you are just as ready as we are here at Wishbox USA to get our summer started off the right way.  This is the season for friends, family, food, and fun so why not be equipped with everything you’ll need to have the best summer ever! We have everything you need for your next big neighborhood barbeque, day out on the course, or even for a cozy night in with the family.  We’ve put a list of the must-haves for the summer of ’15 to get you ready for the fun ahead!

Old Smokey Grill

Get the party started with this grill armed to serve a crowd of your hungry friends and family after a long day in the sun.  Don’t resist your inner temptation to test out your skills on the grill.


Zigoo Dog Toys

Nothing better than having a day tugging and toying around with your best dog friend.  Our Zigoo Crinkits, Boing, and Veggout are fun and friendly toys for dogs of all sizes! 

Rope-it Backyard Practice Range

Practice and perfect your swing with the Rope-It Backyard Practice Range.  Make sure you’re ready for the next round against your coworkers. This easy-to-use practice tool keeps your ball coming back to you every time so that you can concentrate your efforts on what is important, plus who likes to lose all of their golf balls. 

The Rejigger

Craft the perfect cocktail with a little help from the Rejigger, an innovative way to quickly make a cocktail.  Using the sectioned compartments of the Rejigger, follow the simple recipes and pour in your favorite spirits. Slowly allow them to mix to create your next favorite hit drink of the summer!


Keep the good times rolling with this fun lawn game, similar to bocce ball.  Easy to tote, Murbles will be a hit with your family to sling over your shoulder whether you’re going to the beach or to the park. 



Here at Wishbox we hope you explore all of the exciting products we have to offer for a fun summer in the sun!


Thoughtful Wishes for Your Best Summer Yet!


Your friends at Wishbox




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