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The Race is On to Find the Best Gift for Dad

Posted on June 08, 2015


June 21st is quickly approaching, so that means it’s time to find the gift right for Dad.  It seems like every year I go for the go-to gift of a specialty pack of beer, a good book (that he never reads and I end up snagging), and a hand-crafted card of construction paper origami filled with stick figure drawings and cliché “I love you like...” puns that have undoubtedly not improved in creativity since I was 12.

The monotony and predictability of my gift giving should perhaps change, and that’s why WishBox is here for you and me to help us discover a gift for Dad that isn’t going to be stored on the top shelf of his dresser until his own father’s birthday.  

WishBox has a pleather of gifts suitable for fathers of both the leisurely and adventurous natures, so take a look at our Father’s Day Collection to get started on finding the perfect gift for him.  After all, the race is on to discover something better than what your siblings will find. Get to shopping!

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Best Wishes!

Allison @ WishBox

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