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Ride On with CitySeat!

Posted on August 19, 2015

All you bike lovers gear up for your next ride with CitySeat, a company dedicated to providing superior products to fellow biking enthusiasts.  Whether you prefer a spin class or taking to the streets, CitySeats has you covered…literally. 



CitySeat was originally founded by Chelsea Petrozzo, daughter of a fellow entrepreneur, who teamed up with her design-inspired friends, Colin Touhey and Hal Ebbott to make attractive and comfortable coverings for bicycle seats. No one likes the thought of sharing a sweaty, dirty, ambiguously unclean seat on share ride bikes in cities like San Francisco or Toronto, so the trio made a seat constructed from stretchable, waterproof fabric to keep you cool, clean, and dry while also contouring perfectly to the seat’s shape.  


The covers are stored in a simple and small pouch, easy to throw in your purse, backpack, or briefcase.  The ingeniously creative designs of CitySeat covers create a personal touch to each bike ride offered in over 10 different patterns and designs.  By crafting a simple solution to a simple problem, CitySeat is taking the bike world by storm by providing cover, comfort, and creativity at the hands of people on the go. 



Check out CitySeat’s designs here on WishBox USA




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