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April New Arrivals

Posted on April 17, 2014

Our inventory is always evolving and changing so you in the UK & Europe can get a variety of your favorite American-Made products. We are excited about our new shipment that just came in because it brings back an old favorite and some great new products!

Bamboosa Lap Logs, the soft iPad and tablet stand is back! These stands are made in South Carolina from eco-friendly materials and provide an adjustable viewing angle for your tablet. They also come in a variety of colors and designs so you can show off your personality! Its no wonder they sold out so quickly before!

We are excited to introduce Snoozer Brand Pet Beds of South Carolina. Snoozer makes luxury pet beds that make it easy to pamper your best friend. Our inventory consists of two different styles, the Cozy Cave and the Lookout I Pet Car Seat. The car seat keeps your dog safe and comfortable on the road!

With BBQ season officially underway, it is the perfect time to try the new sauces we got in. BBQ Bob’s Hav’n a BBQ, Dimples, and Red Bone Alley sauces are all sure to give your meat a unique and gourmet taste.

Salacia Salts of Savannah, Georgia are other new skincare products we are pleased to add to the site. Salacia Salts combines Pure Atlantic Sea Salt and other natural ingredients to create gentle and effective skin care products. From lip scrub made from grits to salt soak containing pecan granules, Salacia Salts has mastered using what Mother Nature has provided to concoct luxurious products.

Spring-cleaning can lead to redecorating so its a perfect time to have received beautiful framed art from Booth Framed Arts of North Carolina. We offer a large collection of framed prints ranging from BBQ signs to dog portraits. Booth Framed Arts have a contemporary yet classical feel, sure to personalize any space.

Lastly, Katahdin Mats of Maine are another favorite new product of ours. Master weavers handcraft these doormats using top-quality rope made in-house by Katahdin Mats’ family-owned rope factory. Katahdin Mats are durable and able to withstand heavy traffic, trap mud, dirt, snow, and sand, are easy to clean, and are fade resistant. They truly are high quality mats perfect for any doorstep!

The above products and more are waiting in our UK fulfillment center just for you!

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Holiday Gift List for the Host and Foodie

Posted on December 05, 2013

While we all love a good party, not everyone loves to throw them. Luckily for the rest of us, there’s a certain type of person who loves to. Call em a control freak, or just the life of the party, there’s something special about the host. We’re also willing to bet they are forever looking to improve the food side of any event. So we’ve created our list for the host and foodie, that person who works hard, but plays hard, and who loves to try new things with their entertaining.


1. Mother Shuckers Original Cocktail Sauce

This award winning sauce is the perfect kind of gift for a foodie who loves seafood, and as you can guess from the name, especially oysters. It can be served cold, but is even better hot, and has more of a kick than your average cocktail sauce. Created in South Carolina by Mother Shucker herself, your foodie will be grateful for the introduction.






2. Mr. B Sustainable Glasswork Glasses

These glasses are created from recycled wine bottles collected from various restaurants around Columbia, South Carolina. They’re remolded by the glass artists, etched with the two flags and packaged in a wooden box with straw for an already lovely gift box. This set of four is great gift for the host who feels at home in two countries.


3. Etch-It Cups

Hosting has its ups and downs. The biggest downer probably being the cleanup. To cut back on excess trash and waste these Etch it Cups easily mark whose cup is whose for quick finding and refilling, rather than grabbing another one. So save your host from the ever multiplying half full red cups with these fun to use Etch it Cups!



4. Mammoth Pecans

In the South, we know just how homey pecans can make the holiday season. Endless recipes abound, but most importantly is the pecan pie (Find our recipe a few blog posts back). They're only grown commercially in North America, so this dish can set your foodie apart from the usual dessert fare. They also make a delicious healthy snack!

5. Willie’s Hog Dust Bloody Mary Mix

Made from fresh crushed tomatoes, not a watery tomato concentrate, this bloody mary mix is the kind of drink your favorite host will love to add to their bar. Willie's Hog Dust is a company centered on BBQ, so this mix is blended with the secret ingredient, Willie’s Hog Dust seasonings. It’s available in original and spicy for the classic or the daring!






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