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Real All American: The Blue Jean

Posted on March 20, 2014

Not much says American like a nice pair of denim blue jeans.  since we're one of the few countries with an abundance of cotton in some countries our blue jeans are traded like currency. There are some posers out there (jeggings anyone?) but we feel it's necessary to get the real authentic thing. 

Arcanum Jeans understand that need, and are so dedicated to the real and authentic that their jeans come with a tracking number that can be entered online to find the very cotton field your jeans started in. (pictured below)

Our very own WishboxUSA CEO Jerry Smith owns a pair and wears them to work with unwavering frequency (don't picture it as casual though, the man always looks debonaire). When I asked him about why they're his favorite he said,

"They look consistently denim, not worn like most jeans. The fabric itself is substantial and high quality. It was fun to trace [the jeans to the field] and know where the actual cotton originated. Mine came from a farm out west, it was reassuring to know it was made in the USA from the very start." Jerry also loves how the jeans have a pocket for his phone (pictured above)


Like everything at Wishbox (even the staff), Arcanum Jeans are 100% made in the USA. So for a great pair of American Blue Jeans, try Arcanum.



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Folbot: The Convertible Kayak

Posted on February 18, 2014

Folbot folding kayaks are unique because:

-They take up 75% less storage space than a typical kayak

-require no roof-rack

-easily assemble

-are made of a soft shell

but most importantly, there aren't any tradeoffs to owning a Folbot kayak rather than a hardshell boat!  

"A Folbot life is where you can be spontaneous, adventurous, or just simply more active.

Some History...

Folbot was created in 1933 by British national Jack Kissner. The boat quickly surpassed other prototypes of folding boats and even became the first to circumnavigate the UK.

-In 1935 Kissner moved the company to NYC then in 1953 to Charleston South Carolina, where it remains today. 

-In 1983 the company was bought by Phil Cotton and his partners, and they changed the make-up from wood to aluminum and composite materials.


       An older wooden model          Today's model of aluminum and polycarbonate

 In 2004 the Cooper was created, and has rapidly become Folbot's most popular boat. 

With 10 boats in their line-up, Folbot continues to lead the way in versatility and adventure for kayaking and outdoor sport. These boats are the answer to adventurers with smaller vehicles and less desire to lug a boat long distances. With more than 80 years of experience, Folbot remains the new way to boat! 

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The Carryall You Actually Want to Be Seen In

Posted on January 27, 2014

There's no denying the convenience of a fanny pack. Whether exercising, traveling, or going about town it's an easy way to be hands free and have your amenities accessible. But there has to be some solution to the aesthetics of it.

designers have tried to make it work, but it ends up visually cutting the body in half.


even Leo DiCaprio couldn't pull it off!


So one woman decided to solve the carryall conundrum, and invent Quivvers!

Inspired by a quiver of arrows, the Quivver slings across the body to maximize movement, and carry what you need. 

Amy Barnum, created these for easy storage of the necessities: phone, money or ID, and she didn't slouch on style. They're water resistant and have pockets on both sides, for whatever print best suits you that day.


Quivvers are also connected with an "S-biner" to easily hook on more gear - keys, camera, water, bag or whatever else you need to keep close. Check out our video review below.


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Ingenious Grilling

Posted on January 02, 2014

Our site is filled with a lot of different items. We have a little of this, a little of that, but what we have a LOT of is American grilling accessories. We have sauces, marinades, rubs and dips; but what really sets us apart are the tools we have to upgrade the entire grilling process. Attachments to the grill or tools used with it, we bring to you some new ways to do what you love to do.


1) GrillGrates

For the kind of grill marks you've only seen in your dreams...

  While most drop on top grill attachments are designed for fragile things like fish or veggies the GrillGrate isn't so delicate. This grate is designed for all types of meat! It's raised design heats meat evenly as the grate warms up, and the perforated bottom allows juices to fall to the fire without causing flare ups that may char your meat. 

  To see it in action check out the video in the hyperlink above, the creators show just how ingenious it is with infrared cameras. 


2) BBQ Guru Party Q

 For freedom from your temperamental temperature...

 In the famous Infomercial words..."Set it and forget it!" The party Q attachment gives you some freedom while you grill by maintaining whatever temperature you set. The Party Q uses a fan to stoke the flames when needed or just lets them burn. Each time you use it it gets a little more acclimated to your grill so one day you'll have the perfect grilling partner, just hope it doesn't go all I Robot on you and take over the house. 


3) Smokenator 1000

 For a new grill without buying a whole new grill...

  While most grillers would probably say you grill with charcoal for the smoky flavor, they haven't seen the Smokenator 1000. This attachment converts your regular kettle grill into a professional smoker using charcoal for that same smoky flavor, but heating water with it to keep your meat juicy throughout the cook. 

  In the new year you may have resolved to quit some bad habits like tobacco use, so why not try something new like smoking! We mean the meat of course...

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