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Bittermilk Cocktail Compound Recipes

Posted on September 24, 2014

Bittermilk is a line of cocktail mixers crafted by the husband and wife team of Joe and MariElena Raya. They sought to simplify the process of making craft cocktails at home... 

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Sallie's Greatest "Blue on Bleu Burger with Blueberry & Lavender Ketchup"

Posted on August 11, 2014

We found this recipe over on Sallie's Greatest Jams' website and it looks insanely good. Hamburger, blueberry, lavender, blue cheese, hot sauce, bacon ... yes, please! Sallie's Greatest Jams takes the freshest ingredients straight from the field to the jar in South Carolina to bring you the biggest flavors.

  • 1 1/4 pound hamburger meat
  • ¾ cup crumbled blue cheese
  • 4 slices bacon cooked
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Fresh Spinach Leaves
  • 4 Whole Wheat buns
  • 1 jar Sallie’s Greatest Blueberry + Lavender Jam
  • 2 teaspoons hot sauce (we used Frank’s Hot Sauce)

Mix hamburger meat, crumbled blue cheese together and add salt and pepper to taste. Divide into 4 equal mounds and shape into a 4” diameter patty. Cook bacon for 8-10 minutes until crisp. In a heavy nonstick pan grill hamburger patties for 2-3 minutes on each side or until they are cooked to medium-rare doneness. Top with blue cheese slice. Lightly toast buns cut side up for 1-2 minutes or until lightly toasted. Mix Sallie’s Greatest Blueberry + Lavender Jam and hot sauce together. Put thick layer of Blueberry + Lavender Ketchup on bottom part of bun. Top with burger/blue cheese, bacon slices torn in half, spinach leaves. Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on top bun and assembly burger. Serve with oven baked sweet potato fries and pass the Blueberry + Lavender Ketchup. Delicious!

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Slather it On! Slatherin Chicken Wing Recipe

Posted on March 04, 2014

Whilst looking for inspiration for my next blog post, I spotted some spicy Slatherin Sauce kicking around our office. In childhood my parents referred to me as the "condiment queen" due to my love of covering normal food with whatever I could find, and it's only gotten slightly more refined in my old(er) age.

So, spicy Slatherin' in tow I went to Slatherin Sauce's website and found their Sweet N' Hot Pepper Wing recipe.


While these would do great on the grill, my propane tank was recently stolen, so I used the stove-top and broil method. Note: The recipe calls for 2 hours of simmering, but you can either cook them right away or put them in the fridge till it's time to prepare them!

You'll need:

A large sturdy pot or wok

Basting brush



3 lbs. chicken wings (1.4 kg)

Salt and black pepper

1 TBSP butter

1 TBSP extra virgin olive oil

½ poblano chile pepper (I used a red bell pepper and half of a jalapeno),  finely diced

½ medium onion, peeled and finely diced

1 large garlic clove, smashed and finely chopped

¼ cup dry white wine  (Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay)

1 cup Slatherin’ Sauce Original (or spicy) Recipe

½ cup low sodium chicken stock

Juice of ½ lime


For the dipping sauce:

Combine 1/2 cup of reduced pan glaze/sauce (see below) with 1/4 cup sour cream

-First pat the wings dry and season one side with salt and pepper generously.
-Put the butter and olive oil in the pot on medium heat until it's bubbly and evenly coated the pan bottom
-place wings seasoned side down in an even layer (you may need to cook in shifts depending on how much room you have)
-while they're browning in the pan season the other side with salt and pepper
-then flip the wings and brown the other side
-once browned place wings on a plate and set aside
-save one TBSP of the fat in the pan
-then sautee the onion, pepper and garlic in the fat until transluscent (about 5 minutes)
-turn the heat up to high and add the white wine stirring until it's reduced by half
-then add the lime juice, chicken stock and Slatherin' Sauce 

-Once the ingredients are melded, add the chicken wings back to the sauce. They should be covered about halfway with the sauce, if not add more stock.


         After the pan fry...                                                   Simmering away...


Now the wings will simmer for two hours, with stirring every half hour. 

-If these are a meal for a later occasion simply stick them in the fridge

-OR set your oven to broil. 

-Place wings on a broiling rack or roasting pan

-Cook for about 3 minutes on both sides, or until wings are crispy and crunchy.

For a delicious dipping sauce simply mix 1/2 cup of the sauce from the pan and 1/4 cup sour cream. (For a thicker sauce use more sour cream).


Finally brush the wings with the remaining sauce for a bright delicious glaze.

This was my first time making my own wings and I loved how they turned out. They were spicy and sweet thanks to the peppers and white wine reduction, and fall off the bone after the 2 hour simmer. They were a bit messy, but I knew what I was getting into with this dish... 

For more unique recipes, check out Slather's website (linked at the top of this post), and try both Slatherin' sauces for yourself!



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Bittermilk: Making the Complex Convenient

Posted on February 04, 2014


Bittermilk was created by husband and wife team Joe and MariElena Raya in Charleston, S.C. They had plenty of practice in cocktail creation from running their bar, the Gin Joint, and decided to bottle the best in cocktail mixers for those with less patience and practice. 

The name was derived from buttermilk, and since real cocktails are almost all based around the use of bitters, buttermilk easily became Bittermilk. 

Owners Marielena and Joe Raya

They’re adamant about maintaining freshness in their bar with hand squeezed, cut and shaved everything, but Bittermilk mixers came out of the notion that “When you get together to have drinks with friends, it’s not supposed to be serious,” Joe says.

The Rayas created three unique mixes: No. 1 Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned,  No. 2 Tom Collins with Elderflowers and Hops and No. 3 Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour

Their cocktails all match well with the liquor you would expect, but the creativity of the flavor allows you to interchange spirits for a cocktail all your own.  Joe says that “We want to make it easier to mix good drinks, but not in a way that takes creativity out of people’s hands.” Their website offers a dozen unique recipes all with video instruction.  

The Rayas stress the mixers aren’t meant to replace the handcrafted cocktail experience, but for simplicity's sake or the beginner's try, this Bittermilk will taste sweet!



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Skinny Superbowl Sunday Snacks

Posted on January 26, 2014

While the upcoming football festivities are practically the biggest night in February (sorry Valentine's Day), it doesn't mean Christmas and New Year's didn't happen. Or your New Year's resolution.

If you're having trouble sticking to the eating healthy promises you've made, having healthy and delicious appetizers on game day could save you some Monday morning dejection...depending on who your team is of course.


Our first recipe is Skinny Baked Mozzerella Sticks



What you'll need:

  • 12 sticks part-skim, reduced sodium mozzarella string cheese (Sargento)
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 5 tbsp Italian seasoned breadcrumbs
  • 5 tbsp panko crumbs
  • 2 tsp parmesan cheese
  • 1 tbsp dried parsley
  • olive oil cooking spray

What you'll do:

-Cut cheese in half to give you 24 pieces. Place cheese in the freezer until cheese is frozen.

-In small bowl, whisk the egg. Place the flour on another small dish. In separate bowl,combine bread crumbs, panko, parmesan cheese and dried parsley.

-Dip the frozen sticks in flour, shaking off excess, then into the egg, then coat with the crumbs.Repeat this process with the remaining cheese placing them on a tray with wax paper. Place cheese back into the freezer until ready to bake (this is a must or they will melt before the crumbs get golden).

-When ready to bake preheat oven to 400° F. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and lightly spray with oil.

-Place frozen cheese sticks on baking sheet. Spray the tops of the mozzarella sticks with a little more oil and bake in the bottom third of your oven until crisp, about 4 to 5 minutes. Turn and bake an additional 4 - 5 minutes watching them closely so they don't melt. even verifies the ooey-gooeyness of this healthy treat.




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