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Brand Profile
What they make:
Flour, Grits, & Milled Products


Where they make it:
Columbia, South Carolina

Same Today, Same Always

Adluh Flour Mills began in Columbia, SC around 1900. Adluh produces flour, cornmeal, mixes, breaders, and feed products today--grinding wheat and yellow corn that is almost exclusively grown in South Carolina, and white corn from Kentucky and Tennessee farmers. Quality has been the one feature that has allowed this plant to flourish while others in the South Carolina area have closed. As in 1900, stones are still used today to produce the specialty grits items. Without this emphasis on "Same Today, Same Always" quality, the company could never have survived the shift in consumption from local to regional to national brands over the last 100 years. Generations of customers know that they can always trust their prized recipes to come out right using Adluh products.