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Zigoo Crinkits Dog Toy - Large


Made in the USA by: Zigoo

  • Give your dog a toy they are never going to want to put down.  Simply put your empty water bottle in our protective barrier casing and it is an instant hit with your pup.  Our very durable material allows tough chewers to play with this interactive toy as a chew toy as well as a treat dispenser.  With the Crinkit’s durability and function, it is unlike any other water bottle dog toy on the market!

    Instructions:  Most empty 16oz water bottles fit into a Crinkit. Securing the cap tightly back onto the empty bottle allows the bottle to slide in easier. Put a little soap and water over the empty water bottle to help with inserting or taking out the bottle.

     Recommended Size:

    We recommend this product to dogs over 10 kg

  • Material:
    ECO durable is how we describe our product.  Our material is a thermoplastic elastomer which contains multiple advantages.  TPE is 1. Highly durable 2. Easy to recycle compared to rubber 3. An FDA approved material 4. Contains no BPA’s or Phthalates, and most of all, it consumes less during production.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed:
    Regardless of 2 legs or 4 legs, we guarantee product satisfaction with all our customers. Customers may return their Crinkit for a refund if they are not 100% satisfied.

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