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Zigoo Veggout Dog Toy - Large

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Made in the USA by: Zigoo

  • A toy sure to make both owner and dog entertained for the next dinner time, the Veggout is designed to provide a healthy challenge for your dog to enjoy his or her favorite treats.  When stuffed with carrots and even yogurt, this stimulating puzzle earns dogs a treat worth the challenge.  The Veggout’s flexibility provides an easy and convenient way to feed small and large dogs with a fun twist (and tug).

     On top of it all…

    • Veggout is freezer and dishwasher safe (without the dry cycle)
    • Helps dogs who like to chew reduce anxiety and boredom
    • Floats and bounces for different playing options
    • Available in two sizes: Small & Large
    • Made in the USA
    • Made of a soft material that is easy on the mouth, and is perfect for dogs of all ages!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed:
    Regardless of 2 legs or 4 legs, we guarantee product satisfaction with all our customers. Customers may return their Veggout for a refund if they are not 100% satisfied.

    This toy is not meant for aggressive and destructive chewers. Replace immediately if there is damage to the toy. Please understand what type of chewer your dog is before you purchase a Veggout.

    ECO durable is how we describe our product.  Our material is a thermoplastic elastomer which contains multiple advantages.  TPE is 1. Highly durable 2. Easy to recycle compared to rubber 3. An FDA approved material 4. Contains no BPA’s or Phthalates, and most of all, it consumes less during production.

    Width:      3.81 cm

    Weight:    158.76 grams

    Length:     17.78 cm

    Recipe:  Place two baby carrots inside the Veggout. Push 1 tsp of peanut butter into the openings. Place it into the freezer overnight (optional).

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