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Smokeware Vented Chimney Cap for Big Green Egg

Made in the USA by: Smokeware

The Stainless Steel fully adjustable Vented Cap is the perfect replacement or upgrade for your Big Green Egg®. This Stainless Steel vented Cap will fit the medium, large and extra-large BGE and offers many advantages compared to the original cast iron cap. The two piece venting design will maintain its setting (vent opening) when opening and closing (will not swivel open like the cast iron cap or fall off) your BGE top. This will help prevent flare-ups or temperature surges from the vent accidentally opening when you open and close the BGE top. 

Benefits & Advantages of the SS Vented Chimney Cap:

  • The SS vented Cap maintains the setting when the Big Green Egg® is opened (does not swivel open).
  • The Stainless Steel body prevents rusting and can easily be removed for cleaning.
  • The SS Vented Cap will not accidentally fall off the Big Green Egg® in the fully open position.
  • The SS Vented Chimney Cap can remain fully open when the Big Green Egg® is not in operation since the cover provides protection from rain. This feature allows air flow during hot Summer days and helps prevent the build-up of mold & mildew in the Big Green Egg® during periods of non-use.

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