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Lavanya's Everyday Authentic Indian

Brand Profile
What they make:
Authentic Indian Cuisine


Where they make it:
Charleston, South Carolina

Everyday Authentic Indian Food

Lavanya Sabin left India as a small child but her family remained true to their heritage. Her parents instilled a love of the ritual of Indian cooking and the importance of their rich culinary traditions. Now based in Charleston, South Carolina, Lavanya has taken her family’s signature curry recipe – a flavorful dish that has graced her family’s table for generations – and made it available to all through Lavanya’s House Classic Curry Sauce. A beautifully aromatic recipe, this all‐natural curry is crafted with fresh ginger, garlic, onions, cilantro, and other freshly ground and roasted spices resulting in a full‐bodied sauce that takes the intricate task of preparing authentic Indian food and makes it accessible to all.