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Brand Profile
What they make:
Seaweed-based nutritional supplements


Where they make it:
North Branford, Connecticut

Essential to thrive!

More than three decades ago SOURCE president and founder, Susan Domizi, was competing on her eventing horse, Hull, with hopes of being on the US Equestrian Olympic Team. However, Hull had had hoof problems and couldn't maintain his body weight. Susan suspected nutrient deficiency. Micronutrients are tiny things that make a big difference, and they’re essential for a horse to maintain optimal health. In 1975, SOURCE turned to the most concentrated natural source of broad-spectrum micronutrients left on earth – seaweed. Horses who get these micronutrients every day, along with a good feeding and parasite control program, enjoy healthy hooves, superb body score and no premature aging. A top-selling supplement in the U.S. for over three decades