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Our Story

All across the United States, small companies are bucking the trend and manufacturing great products in their hometowns instead of outsourcing to low-wage countries. We respect that.

We found that many of these products were not available in the UK & Europe, despite significant interest. That's what gave us the idea to launch the only ecommerce shop that exclusively imports and sells American-made goods from small US manufacturers.

You can find the superbrands elsewhere. We want to bring you both innovative and traditional products made with pride. We want to share their stories with you. We profile each brand that we’ve sourced so that you can learn about the people who actually made the items you are buying.

You no longer have to (try to) order from the USA. We've already imported and stock everything in our UK fulfillment center. In doing so, we are able to offer reasonable prices with next-day fulfillment on all orders.

And, while we love supporting good folks making real products, our first priority is you and creating a great customer experience. Don't listen to us though -- see what our customers have to say here.

Thanks for visiting WishBox -- we really appreciate you spending some time with us!

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