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JM Saddlers Gift Set


This Total Leather Care Gift Set comes pre-packed by JM Saddler with everything your rider might like to take care of their leather. It includes TLC leather conditioner, leather preservative, a sponge, and two brushes to keep their gear clean and supple for a very long time. These aren’t just limited to horse gear, but can be used on anything leather.

JoJo Sox

When you wonder about what a good gift is for anyone, you can think of Mr. Bean and his “Christmas Socks!” Nothing says you love someone like, I want to help you keep your feet warm, except maybe “I want to help you keep your feet warm and keep your socks from falling down in your riding boots.”

JoJoSox come in adorable patterns as well as wool or Bamboo. Knee high and trouser length are available to keep your rider comfortable, stylish and carefree about their socks winding up in the bottoms of their boots.

Soul Shine Horse Wear - Saddle Pads

For style that can be seen, look no further than the Soul Shine Saddle Pad. Not only is it brightly colored and comfortable, but each pad is extremely unique. The vividly-colored yarns are spun by native South Americans and handcrafted in the United States. A portion of each sale supports the South American women who spin the yarn. Available in English and Western styles.

Source Micronutrients

Made from seaweed, Source Micronutrient Supplements provide key nutrition that has been lost in depleted soils and grains, improving your horse's health on multiple levels. Source is formulated for general nutrition, hoof health, aging, and weight control.