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Gifts for Babies and Parents



Bamboosa was founded by three people with a combined experience of 80 years in textile manufacturing. They used this experience and the desire to want to use renewable materials to be better to the earth to create soft, renewably made blankets and towels for the ones who need softness most.

Because the blankets are made from bamboo and organic cotton they’re thermally regulated, anti-static and always super soft for your little one’s comfort.

Hooded Bath Towel

Bath time should be all “rubber ducky in the tub” but keeping up with the splashed water, thrown toys and screaming baby makes you reach for anything to make it simpler. This soft hooded bamboo towel from Bamboosa can at least ease your mind that your baby is warm, dry and more comfortable than in a regular cotton towel. The towel also absorbs water 3-4 times faster than a regular cotton one.

It’s easy to wash and dry and comes in three of fun colors. It’s also chlorine and formaldehyde free.

Rewined Candles

Having a newborn or infant is a time consuming task, so a great gift idea is the much needed relaxation time for mom and dad.

For moms who are still nursing these candles from Rewined are a way to enjoy the bouquet of a bottle of champagne, riesling, or pinot noir without drinking any. Made from clean burning soy wax, these candles come in recycled wine bottles for an aesthetic touch on a mantle or side table and a great fragrance in the house.

Habersham Lotion Discs

No doubt new moms’ purses have begun to take shape into a mother’s bag. Lots of snacks, bottles, lotions, tissues and whatever else has found it’s way in there. Each new bottle of lotion or juice however is a risk to the interior of her bag. So why not give her something she can use that won’t make anymore mess?

Habersham's lotion discs simply rub off onto hands and then are store back in their metal tin. No liquid mess, and easy to store in a small zipper pocket. While we have it in the new mom category it’s really a savior for any woman’s purse.