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Gifts for the Golfer & Athlete

Kentwool Socks

In tall and short styles we have a sock for the golfer. Created specifically for long walks on the golf course, Kentwool Socks can be seen on famous golfers around the world. These socks are made from superfine Merino wool, designed to prevent blisters, naturally odor resistant, and save small kittens from trees. Well, okay, not the last one...but they are kind of a super sock.

The Rope It

The Rope It was created as a solution to ball nets normally used for practicing the golf swing in the backyard. If you have one of those nets, then you already know how cumbersome they are, and how quickly they can be knocked over or have holes punched in them. The Rope it has a ball attached to a bungee cord to allow room to see the trajectory of a shot before it comes landing back in front of the golfer. It also won’t take up a bunch of room in the garage or yard!

Grip Kleen

Another golfer’s gift idea are the Grip Kleen wipes. Sold in a packet of one or container of 20 these wipes help keep grips clean and tacky, restoring the grip and drying in seconds so they can get right back to the game.

Koala Bottle

This magnetic water bottle system from Koala Bottle is pretty awesome. No more fumbling to remove or secure your bottle when you're riding. Simply pop it out and then feel it securely snap back into place when the magnets connect. This BPA-free bottle is a great solution to the mishap of a water bottle popping out of it’s holder after every bump in the road!

The Stacker Bottle

The Stacker Bottle comes in a set of three labelled, stackable containers for any pre, intra, and post workouts. The front flap opens up to easily pour out protein powder or any other supplements that are stored within, also the top can be screwed off to easily get to the contents.

Each segment has a tray in the top of it, 2 segmented into five pieces, and one circle for storing vitamins or pill supplements. This is a great gift for the serious athlete, the person looking for a little extra push, or the organized type who loves to portion out their snacks for the day.