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Gifts for Your Dog

Motion Activated Outdoor Fountain

The WaterDog Motion-Activated Water Fountain saves your dog from stagnant water and saves you from having to constantly refill what they’ve finished or knocked over. It easily screws onto your outdoor hose and a sensor on top turns it on when your dog is one meter away or off when there’s no motion. Give the gift that keeps on giving!

Scenty Bone

These yummy treats from ScentyBone won’t leave that stale saliva smell about the house as they’re being devoured. They come in two sizes and three flavors: chicken, vanilla and peanut butter so they’re the kind of treat your dog already loves. They also help control plaque and tartar and are vet recommended.

Waggin' Tail Clock

These Wagging Tail Dog Clocks are a great way for dog lovers to decorate. The breeds are blonde and chocolate labradors, Boxers, German Shepherds and English Cockers. An adorable decoration for a kid’s room or kitchen alike, with a tail that wags as it ticks away.


The most useful thing you could give a dog owner is this “hands free” tool that allows easy clean up without having to grab a fistful of what your dog leaves behind. This pack of eight Dispoz-A-Scoops makes a great stocking stuffer!

Furry Travellers To Go Bowl

The To Go Bowl is a water bowl that fits in your car's cupholder. No more traveling with a thirsty pup and no more spills in your car. The bowl has a dry storage compartment in the bottom that fits into the cupholder and the bowl for water, with splash guard on top. It’s dishwasher safe and also can be used wherever you’re bringing your dog!