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American Flag & Union Jack Drinking Glass Set

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Made in the USA by: Mr. B's Sustainable Glassworks

So there you are, a proud Brit sitting at your table and those American neighbors stroll over to your housewarming party. It’s just you…and them…staring at each other. What do you really have in common? Beer – the love for a cold pint of beer. Even better, the love for a beer in a wine bottle.

These pint glasses are made from recycled wine bottles and unite Brits and Americans. Each glass has both nations’ glorious flags etched into them, so while you chug your beverage, you can let your neighbor know exactly what side of the pond you’re from.

Cheers to those South Carolinians for these southern crafted glasses. Packaged in a decorative wooden box, this set is a great gift for friends and family. 

- Set of four etched drinking glasses

- Each holds 16oz

- Made from recycled wine bottles

- Available in Clear or Green glass

- Packaged in a decorative wooden box

- Handcrafted in Columbia, South Carolina