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The Charleston Butt Grabber

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Made in the USA by: The Charleston Hooker

If you’re looking to have more fun in the kitchen, just add a Butt Grabber! By more fun, we mean that you’ll waste less time fooling around with a spatula or grill fork and get the meat exactly where you need it. No more sad violin music swelling around you as you look at your perfectly cooked meat on the floor, and no more fighting your meat with tongs. The wide set placement of the Butt Grabber’s prongs make it non discriminatory against the butts it grabs, and it’s perfect of course for a Boston Butt, which is a Southern staple used in the making of classic bbq or pulled pork.

  • Made from brass and James Island Cherry Wood
  • Includes leather wrist strap

Get the whole set from Charleston Hooker to master your grill, or for the griller in your life

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