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Charleston Gourmet Burger Marinade

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Made in the USA by: Charleston Gourmet Burger Company

Respect the flavor and forget about a ridiculous amount unnecessary condiments. This blend of South Carolina lowcountry spices and herbs makes a burger from the inside out. It's quite simply makes the best, most flavorful, and juiciest burger you've ever. Respect it.

An aromatic blend of nine lowcountry spices and herbs, our burger marinade makes a gourmet burger from the inside out. Combined with ground beef, venison, or turkey, it simply produces the juciest most flavorful burger around – no fancy toppings necessary. One taste of its savory richness and you’ll realize you’ve made the burger of your life. YES, IT’S THIS EASY… Combine 1/4 cup of marinade with 1 pound of ground meat. Mix well and let sit for a few minutes or overnight for a bolder burger. Form into patties and grill to perfection.

Net Weight: 12.5 oz (370mL)

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