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John Wayne All Natural Spice Rubs (4-Pack)

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Made in the USA by: Fire & Flavor

Using only the highest quality spices and ingredients, John Wayne seasonings are crafted for cooking any kind of barbecue—whether it’s chicken, pork or beef.

“John Wayne loved a good steak, grilled to perfection,” says Ethan Wayne, president of John Wayne Enterprises and son of the Duke. “With Fire & Flavor, we look forward to providing chefs and grill masters with high quality products made in the USA and inspired by the bold spirit of John Wayne.”

In 2013, John Wayne Enterprises and Fire & Flavor announced their partnership to launch a new collection of premium grilling items, including all-natural charcoal and seasonings, made. Made in the USA, the John Wayne Stock & Supply Grill Collection enhances the quality of outdoor cooking to create an authentic grilling experience for home chefs.

It doesn’t get much more American than John Wayne and barbecue!

  • Four all-natural, gluten-free spices & rubs

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