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Habersham Natural Solid Lotion

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Made in the USA by: Habersham Candles


  • Pack of 4 discs
  • These solid lotion discs from Habersham offer a solid way to moisturize your skin -- both figuratively and literally! No need for messy lotion in your purse or bag because these discs, made from soy and skin friendly fragrances, simply rub onto your hands and can be placed right back in their tin. No sticky residue and no messy spills. In addition to the convenience, the richness of the soy will moisturize your hands naturally.
  • Each disc comes in a 28g tin
  • Each disc is the equivalent of 3 bottles of lotion
  • Sold in a pack of 4 - equivalent to 12 bottles of lotion!
  • Available in four fragrances: Habersham Sage, Lavender Chamomile, Pink Grapefruit or Lemon Vanilla

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