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Saddler's Leather Preservative (113g)

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Made in the USA by: J.M. Saddler's

Saddler's® Leather Preservative conditions and protects new leather and restores used and neglected leather. Developed in Texas by the J.M. Saddler company eight generations ago, Saddler's Leather Preservative has stood the test of time. It softens leather quickly and gives it a non-damaging protective coat.

Use on NEW leather for added protection against stains and weather that will keep your leather looking newer longer. Use on USED leather to restore that supple feel and for leather that will not crack when flexed. 

Instructions for use: Use two light coats rather than one heavy one so as not to catch dirt with a thicker layer. Apply one coat and let dry overnight then apply the second coat.

Net weight: 113g


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