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Skallops Architect Pack

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Made in the USA by: E&M Labs

The Architect Pack is the ultimate Skallops set. The high contrast cards add a new dimension of color to your creations. With over three hundred Skallops, you have all the pieces you need to build anything you can imagine. From life-sized penguins to space shuttles, the possibilities are unlimited!

Skallops are cut out of the highest-quality, sanded and finished birch plywood.

Each Architect Set includes:

- 6 x 52 Skallops

- 6 decks of super cool designer black-and-white playing cards

- 1 eco-friendly canvas drawstring storage bag

Note - Skallops sets will include our specially printed, custom playing cards.


Recommended by the Parents' Choice Awards!

Winner of the Editor's Choice Award and Educator's Choice Award at Bay Area Maker Faire 2013!


Skallops are the best way to build big!

They're a construction toy that uses clever laser cut clips—Skallops—and any kind of playing cards to let you create anything that you can imagine. We’ve perfected the design so that it’s easy to connect playing cards in countless ways.

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