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Skallops Dino Skulpture

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Made in the USA by: E&M Labs

The Skallops Dino Skulpture has a long green neck and big purple spikes on its back and tail. Set it up to guard your desk, or leave it foraging in your houseplants for tasty leaves—we're pretty sure they're herbivores.

Skallops Skulptures sets are an exciting introduction to the world of Skallops! Each Skulpture set comes with specially cut and printed cards and step-by-step instructions on how to use the included Skallops to build a beautiful eye-catching creation.

The Skallops Dinosaur Skulpture includes 13 wooden Skallops clips and 11 custom cut, patterned cards, and one instruction sheet.

The completed Skulpture can be posed or rearranged by adjusting the card positions and Skallops. Skulpture cards and pieces work together with all other Skallops sets, too, so your imagination can run wild!

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