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SmokeBullets (SmokePistol Cartridges) - Pack of 3

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Made in the USA by: Outcooker Products

Smoke Pistol Cartridges - Pack of 3

SmokePistol cartridges are neater, less bulky and actually make the SmokePistol less expensive to operate than purchasing ordinary wood chips.  You get more smoke and less waste.  The SmokePistol cartridges are sold in a box of 3.  Each cartridge is designed to produce about 4 hours of smoke more or less depending on the control setting of the SmokePistol.  The cartridges are available in 9 flavors and are made with real wood from fruit and nut trees.  The flavors include: alder, apple, black walnut, cherry, hickory, maple, mesquite, oak, and pecan.

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