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Snapi- The Single Handed Server

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Made in the USA by: KitchenHappy

Forget the fork! Use your hands! The KitchenHappy Snapi is a one-handed gripping tool used to pick up and distribute foods like salads, pasta, fruit medlies, and any other loose-leaf-type communal foods. KitchenHappy's unique clamshell design provides a natural-feeling mechanism for picking up foods akin to gripping with bare hands. The KitchenHappy Snapi is more effective and less messy than tongs!
  • Made in the US of dishwasher safe polymers with a bonded rubber grip surface
  • Built-in lock for storage
  • Snapi's are BPA free
  • Grab a full serving in one bite
  • Ergonomic design: fits comfortably in the hand

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