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Stufz Burger Press - Ultimate Stuffed Burger Maker

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Made in the USA by: Stufz

There it is. That burger you carefully crafted. Juices, condiments, toppings all laying between that sesame seed bun. You’re going for it, picking it up gently in your hands and as you bite into it…SPLAT! Your tomatoes, cheese, jalapenos are suddenly all garnishing your plate, leaving your burger flavorless in your hands.

Stufz has mastered that art of keeping your burger flavor-packed with the Ultimate Stuffed Burger System. The Ultimate Stuffed Burger System encloses all your favorite ingredients perfectly within those juicy beef walls. Simply pack the meat into the stuffers red lid and base, then add the flavor with your extra ingredients, seal it shut, and there it is. Your stuffed burger properly crafted and ready to be picked up and eaten.

4" diameter

Dishwasher safe