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BBQ Wood Pellets - 40lb

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Made in the USA by: Wood Pellets

  • All Flavors are all natural wood NO Additives, NO Binders and NO Oil Scents. 
  • Packaged in 40 pound bags.
  • 100% CherryFor a sweet, fruity smoke that leaves a nice rosy color on your food. Good with pork, seafood, poultry, or game birds. This would be a good choice in creating your own blend. No oils, sprays, fillers, binders or artificial ingredients!
  • 100% Hickory, no additives or blending here. You need to think about your use of these pellets. If you are not an experienced smoker it is easy to over smoke with these pellets and have a bitter taste on your BBQ'd food. They are best suited for foods with a short cook time like burgers, steaks, pork chops, shrimp and scallops.
  • 100% Maple produces a sweet, mild, smoke. Great for ribs, bacon, pork, ham, poultry, and game birds.


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